Working Partners

Good business communications ultimately comes down to working with like-minded people.

Our working partners are our clients as well as our extensive network of associates from all areas of industry and expertise, including journalists and bloggers. We believe in what they do and they believe in us.

We also collaborate in a range of creative joint ventures and events, such as 2Pears, Music 4.5, TechPitch 4.5, and Twisted Tree.

Together, with people from our network, we can help you develop effective communications strategies and co-ordinate their practical implentation.

Past and present clients include:

  • Agencies: Creative, Design, Digital, Media, Research
  • 1DA, AEI Media, Affinity Music, Amplify, BBH, BeeLiked, Brand Advocate, Cocojambo, Entertainment Media Research, Face, Farm, FreshMinds, FRUKT, Glass, GP Design Partnership, IconZest, Inside C, Kugel Design, LgM Interactive (Germany), Lloyd Northover, Market Clarity, Massive (Australia), Nucco Brain, OptiComm, RP2, Softwind Studio, Skyron, Story Worldwide, Supermassive Games, Tangible, WeMakeLittleShops, Wheelhouse Creative, Ymogen

  • Tech Startups
  • BetXit, CueSongs, Datownia, DrumScreen,, Freespee (Sweden), GigsWiz (Finland), Guvera (Australia), Jamkit, Mancx (Sweden), Mobile Backstage, Muxlim - (Finland), Nimble, Privax -, PureSolo, Q App, Softwind Studio, Songdrop, TIOTI Tape It Off The Internet (UK & USA), TradeShift, Xtract (Finland)

  • Media, Events, Organisations
  • Archant Digital Ventures, BCMA - The Branded Content Marketing Association, CCB - Centre for Creative Business, The Hospital Club, Internet Week Europe, Lovie Awards (Europe), New York Times TV Corporation, North One TV, Palma Pictures (Mallorca), TechCrunch Events, Virtual Worlds Forum, VisualMedia

  • Other
  • Edengene, Essar Group (India), First City Financial, Forbes Anderson, Peach (parents for early intervention against autism in children), Williams Capital Group (USA)